3 Space-Themed Games Coming To PSVR This September

It seems in September the dark, cold recesses of space is what’s on everyone’s mind as we get three new PSVR titles that revolve around the theme of space. From epic dogfights in brand new spaceships to a thrilling survival adventure on a distant planet – you’re sure to find something to occupy your time in virtual reality this month.

EVE: Valkyrie Warzone

The perennially popular multiplayer dogfighting sim is getting its biggest update yet in the form of Warzone, and this one brings something completely new to the EVE: Valkyrie universe: cross-platform play between VR and non-VR players. Not only have the developers reworked the game to allow a bunch of new PC and PS4 players to enter the fray, but they have also overhauled the game’s systems and added so much new content that it’s practically a new game. Even the cockpit HUDs have been reworked.

So get ready for a new generation of fleets that changes the dynamic of the gameplay completely. Because CCP Games have changed the ships in the game to a next generation of fighters that each serve a specific goal. The developers have also revamped the ship classes, with fighter now renamed to ‘Assault’ and some heavy modifications to the other classes like ‘Support’ and ‘Heavy’ as well as a new class named ‘Covert’. These classes also have entirely new ships that each serve a very distinct purpose. Every ship can play a unique role in a team since CCP has added an ‘ultra’ and possibly game-changing ability for each that charges over a certain time. That reminds you of a certain popular moba too? I mean there’s even a new mode called ‘Extraction’ where your team has to safely escort something.

Naturally, you’ll still want to modify your ship and this is still a main feature in the game, though it’s been heavily modified with the Warzone update. Along with new systems and features, the update also adds two new maps and a new rewards system where you can “fight over Spoils of War” to earn reward capsules full of cosmetic items. Honestly, there’s so much new content being added with this update that they could have just called it a major overhaul instead of an update. You can read more about all of the new changes on the EVE: Valkyrie blog post about the Warzone update.

The EVE: Valkyrie Warzone update is free to all existing players and the game is now also purchasable at a reduced price, going for $29.99. The update launches on September 26.

The Solus Project

The exploration/survival adventure that gained quite a bit of popularity on Steam for PC, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift is now coming to PSVR as well. The Solus Project takes you on a space odyssey to a distant planet in search of hope for mankind. The earth has been destroyed and humanity lives on in a small fleet of ships looking for a home. Unfortunately, things go awry (as they so often do) and you find yourself crewmate-less on a seemingly desolate planet. So you have to find a way to survive and phone back to your people. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be The Martian, now is your chance.

With a mysterious and uncharted planet to explore, and 10 big handcrafted levels to get through, you can expect more than 15 hours of gameplay from The Solus Project according to the developers, Hourences and Grip Digital. The Solus Project features survival, a dynamic environment with weather patterns, and a chilling storyline that will take a hold of your imagination.

So if you’re looking for a memorable planet-exploring experience, then make sure to give The Solus Project a try. It launched today on the Playstation Store for both PS4 and PSVR at a $19.99 price tag.

End Space

Much like EVE: Valkyrie, this space cockpit sim is all about the combat. But instead of offering a multiplayer experience, End Space from Orange Bridge Studios focuses on a storyline with different levels to progress through. Released first for Gear VR, the game has been revamped with better graphics and added content for PSVR. What’s more is that the developers have also confirmed on Reddit that the game will be releasing for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well, though no release date has been confirmed.

In End Space you enter the cockpit of a Minos Starfighter whose turret guns is locked onto the direction of your gaze while you control the direction and velocity of your ship with either your dualshock or HOTAS controller.

The storyline of End Space revolves around subjects like greed and freedom as you enter the role of a newly recruited pilot for the UTC, ready to ‘pew pew’ your way to the top. To protect this company’s stakes in the far off Tartarus Sector, you’ll have to employ strategic skills in order to leave the Tartarus Liberation Front crippled. Pay no heed to the fact that the UTC has taken over a sector after sector to establish trade routes and mine every last bit of resource it can extract, forming a monopoly intra-galactic trade routes. You’re just a soldier, and a soldier does what he’s told after all.

So if you’re looking forward to a more story-driven space fighter experience then make sure to give End Space a try when it releases tomorrow, September 19, for PSVR at a $19.99 price tag.

Now there’s no excuse for not grabbing your PSVR for some quality playtime this September.

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