Raw Data Review [HTC Vive]

The Year 2271. Tokyo and Eden Corp. launched the “Promotion” project, which could cause great damage to humanity. As an agent of SyndiK8 you must retrieve the Raw Data which can shatter Eden Corp’s existence. I must add, this will be a thrilling, and sensational experience for all humanity. Hey, I’m not kidding, this game can change the fundamentals of virtual reality gaming – if there are any.

Characters and Controls

Survios has created a masterpiece for virtual reality gamers. This game is a reflection of what we expected a virtual reality game to be. In Raw Data, you will get completely drawn into the reality it creates. There is no escape from it! You are an agent that needs to hack some important files of an evil corporation that wants to change everything for humanity. Their advanced robots, wait did I just say robots? No, let me correct myself. I wanted to say destruction machines, created for one purpose only – which is murdering every intruder in a crude way.

Intruders, by the way, are well-trained agents with one signature weapon. They all have their own nicknames and abilities that give them enough power to create mayhem in the center of Eden Corp’s facilities. Let’s start with Bishop. He uses a pistol named Crusader and the pistol uses 10mm bullets to destroy any obstacles he may face. This guy is boosted with bulletstorm and timewarp abilities that allow him to make it rain bullets all over his enemies or slow time. These abilities will get unlocked as you go further in the game’s story.

Playing Bishop is simple since he’s basically the main character. Now, I know there is no such thing as a main character in this game, but Bishop is a well-developed character that you may want to play with all the time. Controlling him is very realistic. You need to crouch to reload your gun as if you were a soldier. I mean, you need to grip your new clip and change it with the empty one.

There is another agent who is a neo-cybernetic ninjutsu master with telekinetic powers and a flash blade. Her telekinetic powers include pushing enemies to their deaths or throwing an infinite number of shurikens to their heads. The best thing about playing as Saija is using a futuristic katana that can cut through enemies with one strike. It gives you the feeling of playing a cyberpunk assassin or a Jedi. Although controlling Saija is harder than Bishop, this is another completely different experience to have.

We also have another agent who just joined our cause. His name is Boss and he is a cool, old guy with a pump action shotgun. You may be wondering – they still use pump action guns in the future? At first, I was also surprised, but it seems like they wanted to keep that tradition in 2271. This old school guy is pretty hard to play and if it’s your first time playing Raw Data I would suggest you don’t choose him – unless you’re a hardcore gamer. Other than using a shotgun, throwing grenades makes him fun to play. He gets better when you unlock his abilities and the best thing about him if you’re a newbie, is you will find yourself using that shotgun of yours as a staff to kill your enemies.

Taste the Reality

Raw Data is one of the most realistic games you can play on HTC Vive or Oculus. This game gives you a chance to try a different reality with its incredible graphics and movement controls. When you move to another place by teleporting, it’s unlike many other games because you can change your place when looking elsewhere. You can use your creativity to find new ways to shoot your enemies, maybe without looking or you can try to shot from your hip or maybe between your legs, all of them are possible. This game will change your view on first person shooter games in an irreversible way. I need to say that this game causes nearly zero motion sickness.

When we look at Raw Data there is one characteristic that we can’t neglect. It’s the harmony of the theme and surroundings. In this cyberpunk universe, they made quite interesting maps and a variety of adversaries. Distinct chapters and unique robot designs grab your attention; even when you get assaulted by an invisible robot that lurks in the darkness.

The developers of Raw Data made the round system of the game very simple. In every chapter, you need to protect a device. And for some rounds, that’s all you need to accomplish. It’s rather annoying when it comes from a game that was created with that much effort. They could add some other tasks that need to be done or at least more logical ways to start another round.

Developments and Multiplayer

Raw Data is in early access which means the game is still in the development stage. They have plans to create more challenges and new maps. Raw Data actually had two characters at first and now they added Boss to the team. In addition, they have another character on the way who is an archer, but we still don’t know his or her name. Though it seems we’ll be getting a cybernetic archer any day now! This game has a multiplayer option as well where you may defend the data with your friends. It’s better if you have an ally who watches your back. By the way, there are robotic turrets that may help you in your way to success. You can use them when the need arises.

And as a gamer myself, I don’t usually recommend early access games. But when I do, it means there’s something extraordinarily great about that game. I mean this game is unique and definitely will worth it. They also have a support channel on their website; so you can ask for help whenever you encounter a problem.


Raw Data makes me remember the history of gaming and the milestones we have reached. Virtual Reality showed us what can be done with today’s technology. It’s time to develop many other games like Raw Data. It’s clear that this will be a new age for first person shooter games. Raw Data is still in progress and they are trying to make it more enjoyable and less problematic. All I want to say is that with this technology, we are still missing something that has made us happy (or sad) for centuries – Plot and Scenario.

Even though virtual reality games have been created for their ability to mirror reality, we can’t omit the effect of the story. Creating a theme is not creating a story and when people find themselves in the story it may change many other things as well. As a story lover and writer, I found Raw Data’s story performance rather weak.

In conclusion, this game offers you the chance to be a cyber-soldier who fights for a cause in very realistic ways. This game will make you sweat and you will love it. It gives you the best HTC Vive performance and best realistic first person shooter experience as well. I repeat that the game is in early access and they will add new features. I hope you will like the game as much as I do.

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Title: Raw Data

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy, Early Access

Developer: Survios

Publisher: Survios

Release Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Update – 28/02/17

Raw Data is coming to Oculus in March 2017. The game will be optimized for the Rift and the Touch controllers and will feature all the content that’s already available for the Vive.

Along with the Rift launch, the developers will add new abilities and extensive reworks to two of the three characters as well as a new mission for both platforms. The mission involves you standing on a moving elevator platform while fending off enemies in Eden Corp’s Data Chamber. More great news? The game will be playable cross-platform – so your Oculus friends can now join in on your game if you’re playing with the Vive.


VR Headset: HTC Vive

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel i5-4590

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 10 GB available space

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 8
Sounds: 8
Concept: 8
Control: 9

The Goods

  • Graphics
  • Feeling of Theme
  • Pleasant Characters
  • Unique Abilities

The Bads

  • Lack of Story
  • In Early Development

Average Score: 8.4

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