Rec Room Heads to PlayStation VR

Chances are that if you’re reading this then you’re no stranger to Rec Room. On both the Rift and Vive it has gained a sizable following during its early access run over the past year. Now it would seem it’s looking to do the same on the PlayStation VR. The game’s developers, Against Gravity, has announced that they are looking to launch sometime in Q4 of 2017. They have also indicated that the experience will be free of charge, just like its Steam counterpart.

For those of you new to Rec Room, the idea is simple. It provides players with a common meeting place where they can join others in a wide range of active games. From pinball all the way to Dungeons and Dragons type adventures, Rec Room has no shortage of content. Players get to create their own avatar and connect with players from around the world, at no cost.

A Few Answered Questions

In the announcement made by Against Gravity, the developers took the time to answer a few common questions. For instance, we know that players will be able to connect across platforms. This means that Vive, Rift, and PSVR players will all be located on the same servers at the time of launch. Rec Room will also require no PlayStation Plus Membership, keeping the experience completely free of charge.

The main goal of the developers seems to be fairly clear, they want to create an enjoyable experience and gather as much feedback from the players as possible. If this sounds like a fair trade-off and you are a North American or South American PlayStation VR owner, you should consider signing up for the Beta Test. No firm date has been given as to when it will start, but the developers did indicate that it would be “weeks rather than months”.

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