Redemption’s Guild Is An Upcoming 4 Player Co-Op MORPG

Redemption’s Guild is an upcoming VR MORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) being created by Unlit Games for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR (confirmed). You might have heard about it before since it was announced last year. But the development team has made quite a bit of progress since then.

The game still doesn’t have a set release date. The developers were looking at a December 2017 release last year and for now, that hasn’t changed officially. But we’ll let you know when the final release date is announced.

If you haven’t heard about Redemption’s Guild yet, it’s a co-op RPG set in a world full of lore and magic. There are 6 classes to choose from in the game, including rogue, knight, cleric, ranger, berzerker, and elementalist. And like with every traditional fantasy role-playing game, each class has his own abilities and strengths, of course. In Redemption’s Guild, you can team up with up to four other players, whom you can then go out on quests with. There will also be a matchmaking system – so you will be able to search for other parties to join.

The developers designed Redemption’s Guild with that fun, low-poly look that a lot of VR developers opt for. Overall, the game design looks really good though.

Choose Your Class and Start Slaying

When starting the game, you’ll always find yourself in the tavern along with your team members. The tavern allows you to change your class, chill out and strategize with your team, customize your character/gear. This is also the place from which you embark on your adventures. One room in the tavern has a map on the wall where you choose which locations you want to teleport to.

The game isn’t exactly open-world, but there will be places to explore. There will be three modes – Adventure, Arena, and Labyrinth. Right now, there are only two locations – an underground labyrinth, called Tilnu, full of skeletons and traps, and an arena, called Kazidia Pass, full of charging goblins. Your goal is to defeat the bosses (the kings) of these two places and then to collect the treasure you came for.

But the studio recently revealed a new location they’re working on, called Vohril’s stand – a small region south of the Capital city. This area is a bit more open than the other two and will allow for more roaming and exploration, along with different objectives for you and your team.

Redemptions Guild’s Gameplay Features

You will be able to choose between either teleportation locomotion and sliding locomotion. Redemption’s Guild features a fatigue system. So when in combat you won’t be able to swing your ax or sword around like a maniac indefinitely. They have given a couple of reasons for this, all of which I find reasonable, “It feels more real and like an RPG to see the berzerker with a heavy hammer swinging a bit less often than the knight or rogue who has smaller weapons. It would look ridiculous, imagine 4 players swinging every greatsword, sword, dagger non-stop, it would be a blur of nothingness. And [not having a fatigue system] would throw off all the balancing and difficulty of the game,” the studio said in a recent Reddit update post.

Every player’s armor and weapons will be lighted (which you can customize) and the fatigue system will be tied into the lighting on your weapon. There will also be a skills tree where you can upgrade your skills using experience points you earn when defeating enemies. Quite standard, really.

The idea of another RPG coming our way makes me pretty excited. There are a number of RPG games in the works for VR right now, like the episodic fantasy The Soulkeeper VR, an MMORPG that’s in the works, OrbusVR, an interplanetary colonization RPG called Planetrism, and the VR RPG shooter Seeking Dawn. And that isn’t even all of them. But I’m looking forward to seeing what Redemption’s Guild will bring to the table when it releases later this year.

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