Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle VR Review

Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle has charming content and pleasant gameplay and it’s now waiting for those who dare to solve its’ puzzles and mysteries!

Concept and Puzzles

The developers of this game created a distinct concept for a puzzle game. In this game, we’re trying to solve the mysteries of an enchanted, haunted house that was the former house of a well-known toy maker who disappeared long ago. As you continue on your journey you will see more complex situations like cursed puppets or magical wardrobes which can change the shape of the room that you are in. But in the end, your only purpose is to change the rooms so your main character Anne can reach his destination.


In the beginning, the puzzles are really simple to solve and all you need to do is shift the rooms to create a way to the gate. As you reach higher levels, the puzzle becomes more complicated. I mean the puzzles don’t just get bigger, there are also other elements such as wardrobes, telephones and cursed toys that appear to make the puzzles harder to solve.

The game has 144 levels that are divided into 4 themes that have been separated into mansions. Every level has its own solution and the game gives you tips on how to find the way to the gate. It’s not an easy game to play. Every room provides its own challenges so if you finish this game, you may feel like you actually achieved something.

VR Experience

I played Rooms the Unsolvable Puzzle on HTC Vive and I liked the depth it gives to the game. When you play this game on the PC without VR it feels like a retro game and not a good one. While playing in virtual reality, the game becomes more realistic and it feels like it’s a brand new game.

The problem is I don’t like the idea of a 2D game becoming a virtual reality game because, after all, this game is a 2D game with easy gameplay and well-planned puzzles. When you make it a virtual reality game you must have features that could go well with VR devices. In this game there aren’t enough features to use in virtual reality. The only thing that makes you feel that you’re in virtual reality is being able to turn 360 degrees and watching a screen from a distance.

Title: Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie

Developer: HandMade Game

Publisher: HandMade Game

Release Date: 1 May 2015

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 5
Sounds: 6
Concept: 7
Controls: 6

The Goods

  • Creative Game
  • Challenging
  • Different Features

The Bads

  • VR Experience

Average Score: 6.2

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