Skyrim VR For PC Won’t Have Mod Support, Initially

Yes, I know we’ve all been waiting eagerly to get a taste of Skyrim VR on PC – especially Oculus Rift players, I’m assuming, who were set to miss out on the whole Bethesda VR ports thing. So when Bethesda finally confirmed that the game will be coming to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality in a blog post yesterday, there was a lot of excitement going around on VR forums and groups.

Most of this eagerness was partly due to how much PSVR players have been enjoying the game, as well as the prospect of getting a version that’s a little higher in quality and also allows for modding. Which is a staple in any Bethesda RPG game.

So that’s why it comes as a big disappointment to find out that Bethesda won’t be adding mod support for Skyrim VR just yet, as confirmed by a representative in an email to UploadVR. The representative said that they have “No planned mod support at this time, [because] the team’s focus is on making the core experience of Skyrim VR feel and look great.” Which tells us that the game won’t have official mod support at launch, but that the team might look at it again at a later date. Of course, that won’t stop modders out there from finding ways though. Just like when Fallout 4 VR released and gamers figured out how to manually add mods to the game via a little tinkering from their side.

This turn of events isn’t especially surprising anyway, since Bethesda didn’t allow mod support for Fallout 4 VR or for Skyrim VR when it released for PSVR last year. At least we can still look forward to the improved graphics and controls when Skyrim VR releases for PC next month.

Are you excited to play this game when it releases on April 3rd, even after finding out that mods won’t be a feature, initially, at least? Let us know what you think!

Check out the trailer below:

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