Skyrim VR Hits Steam April 3

The wait is finally over! Well, almost. April 3rd Skyrim VR will finally be in the hands of PC VR gamers. We have watched PSVR owners have their fun for some time, but now PC gamers get a crack at all the glory that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

The full-length open-world game will include all official add-ons at launch. That mean you get Dwanguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. So, clear your calendars and kiss your loved ones’ goodbye.

A Price Will Be Paid

This experience will come at a cost rarely seen in VR games to date. Coming in at $59.99, Skyrim VR might seem like a tough pill to swallow. However, the amount of gameplay you get, and having PSVR owners smooth out all the kinks for us goes a long way.

Who are we kidding, we are pretty sure that everyone is going to fork that cash over the second they can. My only real question is, will it have full mod support and if so, what mods will you be booting up first? Happy hunting VR gamers!

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