Sony Reveals The PSVR DOOM VFR Bundle

Sony really isn’t playing around. They know a winning title when they’ve got one and they’re making sure people have more incentive to buy the PSVR than ever before with not one but three different bundles.

They released both the Gran Turismo Sport PSVR bundle and the Skyrim VR Playstation VR bundle last month. Now if that wasn’t enough already, the company has also released a DOOM VFR bundle for the PSVR which will be coming out when the game releases on December 1st. Unfortunately that likely means that the Doom VFR bundle won’t be part of Sony’s Black Friday offering along with the other two bundles. The prices of which have been slashed by $100 for each bundle.

Still, Doom VFR is one of the most anticipated VR titles of this year and these bundles will in all likelihood still sell like hotcakes. In Doom VFR you’ll find yourself back in the UAC facility on Mars, to fight off the demon invasion. As the last survivor, you’ve been moved into an artificial brain and given a powerful robot body by a top-secret protocol. It’s your duty to follow protocol and stop this demonic invasion by any means necessary. So naturally with as much adrenaline pumping firepower as you can carry of course.

Just as with the other two bundles on offer, this Doom VFR bundle includes the updated PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, the new Playstation VR demo disk, and a blu-ray copy of DOOM VFR of course. No Playstation Move or AIM controllers are included, however, which is strange since both are compatible with the game.

The bundle will be released on December 1st along with Doom VFR in the USA and Canada, where it will be priced at $399.99 (USD) / $499.99 (CAD). You can also pre-order the bundle on the Playstation Store.

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