Spice & Wolf Is An Upcoming Visual Novel From Project Lux Developer

Visual novels seem to be really taking off in VR – well, especially in Japan at least. If you’ll remember a while back, we introduced an upcoming title from developer MyDearest and Sekai Project called Tokyo Chronos. It’s a mystery adventure VR game where you’ll be trapped, along with seven other friends, in a world where time has stopped. Now, we’ve gotten wind of another VR novel that’s being worked on by Project LUX creator SpicyTails. The studio has revealed that their new project is called Spice & Wolf VR.

The project was first discovered by Japanese VR publication MoguraVR, Spice & Wolf VR is based on the manga and anime series of the same name, and the author of the original series, Isuna Hasekura will be involved with the new project.

The studio hasn’t revealed much about what players can expect from Spice & Wolf VR yet, but have said that it will support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other headsets – which most likely means it will be coming to Windows Mixed Reality and/or PSVR as well. The title is set to launch sometime in 2019.

The manga on which the game is based revolves around a 25-year-old traveling merchant called Kraft Lawrence. While traveling through the town of Pasloe, Kraft meets a 15-year-old girl named Holo, who is actually a wolf-deity. Holo wants to join him on his journeys because she wishes to explore the world and find her way back to her homeland. We’re expecting the game to follow this same storyline, in the beginning at least. SpicyTails did say in a Tweet that Spice & Wolf VR will be like Project LUX, which could mean that there will be some similarities between the art styles or that the titles will share some gameplay elements.

So if you’re curious about what Spice & Wolf VR will offer then the best place to look will probably be Project LUX. This episodic story takes place in a futuristic court where most humans have cyberbrains. You play the defendant – an agent who coordinates with artists to create the data for cyberbrains to interact with people’s emotions. The victim is a girl named Lux and the jury has to go through your memory data to investigate what really happened.

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