Starblood Arena Releases On PS VR Today

Starblood Arena, is a fast-paced VR space shooter created by Whitemoon Dreams. It releases on PS VR today.

In Starblood Arena you get to take command of a ship with wicked weapons with which to annihilate your enemies. The game is in the first-person view and you have to basically shoot others to hell while evading attack from pilots who come from every corner of the galaxy. As is standard with pretty much any space dogfighting game. However, this fast-paced, quirky and colorful game does offer lots of excitement. Especially to PS VR players who, besides EVE: Valkyrie or Elite Dangerous have a somewhat limited library of good space dogfight sims.

“Fight for glory, credits, and your life as the StarBlood Network broadcasts every lawless match for the universe to see.”

Start Your Engines

The arenas in which you will be playing are situated within various alien environments that range in sizes and can take anywhere from 2 – 8 players. There are also various modes in the game. There’s single player mode, which is also called Burn Circuit – rounds of carnage against AI Bots or a round of carnage with AI allies to help you. The developers have also hinted at a cool unlockable for those who complete Burn Circuit with each of the 9 pilots in the game.

Then there’s the 8 player battle royale, which is called Carnage mode. Along with that, there’s also a 4 vs. 4 Team Carnage mode. All of the modes are available in both ranked and player-created unranked matches. Also, when playing Starblood Arena, you earn credits in the game. These allow you to buy unlockables. Which are mostly upgrades for your ships (in the form of ship mods) and silly or intimidating exterior customizations.

When it comes to the gameplay, however, I have to say, one thing that threw me a bit is having to get used to the head-tracking aiming system. When playing an FPS, I’m used to looking around or keeping my pov centered, and not keeping my head aiming directly at the point I’m going to shoot. But it doesn’t take much to get used to. Because the game is so fast paced you learn pretty quickly.

Here’s the Lay-Down on the Pilots in Starblood Arena

There are 9 pilots in Starblood Arena, all of whom have very different playstyles. The whole character base of Starblood Arena is a veritable mix of rogue bots and deviants. And every one of them pilots a ship that can deal some serious damage. It is left to be seen how well balanced the ships will be – but I’m expecting a helluva lot of chaos from the first flight onward.

While I won’t be outlining every character here – you can check them out under the pilots tab on the Starblood Arena website – I will talk briefly about how the line-up gets me excited.

First of all, each character is obviously very different and each has his or her own strengths. But that also means that each has a weak point, which, with the right strategy can be exploited. Which is where teamwork comes in. And that’s what’s really the selling point of Starblood Arena for me – the thrill of having to really work together because your weakness is someone else’s strength. Plus they came up with some really cool features for every ship. Like Appolonia’s energy cage, which traps others. Or Blade’s ship which has a melee attack function (which I haven’t really seen on a ship before – if you have please do share). Also, each ship in Starblood Arena has a unique heavy weapon that charges over time and deals massive damage when fully charged.

So if you’re ready for some fast action and a little chaos, then get cracking on becoming an ace Starblood pilot and maybe I’ll see you in the ranks.

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