Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown Is A Tabletop RPG Adventure For PSVR

It’s rare to see a developer combine both adventure RPG mechanics and tabletop strategy elements into one game – but that’s exactly what Tin Man Games are doing with their debut VR title. Announced for PlayStation VR, Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown takes place on a tabletop and has tactical turn-based battles, but they take place as part of your adventure.

So what Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown does, exactly, is let you explore a world that’s constantly moving along with you in the form of little blocks on a magic table. So as you walk around, the blocks will move to form new features of the environment. Cities, the high seas, temples, and deserts with NPCs and enemies will all appear in front of your eyes as you take your party on an epic adventure across the Crown Islands.

This party, called Scoundrels, are made up of several different characters of your choosing, each with their own class. While these include the typical tropes you’ll find in medieval fantasy, including a sorcerer and tank; the list also includes a few unique ones like potion maker. You’ll be in charge of these Scoundrels, and will decide their fate whenever they encounter trouble by making tactical combat decisions for them. And much like in the tabletop RPG games that inspired Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, the story will be shaped by your decisions. Meaning there are different outcomes and the game has some replay value – which is always a bonus for an RPG.

Check out the trailer below:

But every tabletop game needs it’s game master and Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is no different. You’ll be guided through the game by a game master called Arbitrix. “There have been lots of Game Master characters in games, but many are very antagonistic and only have one goal: to kill you. A big part of Table of Tales is bringing to life a Game Master who is more like real-life GMs: they challenge you, yes, but really they’re on your side. They love the game and want you to have the best and most exciting adventure possible. That’s Arbitrix,” said Lead Writer, Ben McKenzie.

Tin Man Games is planning to release Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown for PSVR on the PlayStation Store in Q3 2018. No final release date has been given yet, but we’ll keep you up to date.

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