Take Over The Wild West With Dinosaurs In Dino Frontier For PSVR

We’ve had plenty of city simulation and worker management games set in today’s time, like Sim City, as well as medieval times. But what about the great wild west? Cowboy hats, noon standoffs, and saloon brawls are all sadly missing from the worker management genre. Well, Dino Frontier certainly gives us the wild west with some extra wild thrown in for good measure.

Now available for $29.99 for Playstation VR, Dino Frontier combines city building, and worker management with, believe it or not, dinosaurs. These roam the wilds of the frontier and antagonize your townspeople but can also be tamed to use as pack animals. Yup, you can capture and tame mighty velociraptors, triceratops, and ankylosaurs, as well as a tyrannosaurus rex, to serve the same function that horses and cattle normally would in Dino Frontier.

Check out the trailer below:

In Dino Frontier you are the ‘Big Mayor’ who has control over how your little town expands and where the lives of your townspeople will go. The game is set up almost like a tabletop game where you get a birds-eye view of your little town. The game doesn’t seem to have any levels so much like in Sim City, which served as inspiration to Uber Entertainment – the studio behind the game – you can build up this one little town into a sprawling hub of, well, velociraptor-riding cowboys.

Dino Frontier mostly works in the same way any worker management game out there. You get to look down at the bustling little people below you, pick them up, and assign them different tasks for the good of the community. The people in Dino Frontier do act semi-autonomously but have their own individual stats and needs so will seek out ways to fulfill their hunger or exhaustion – or just head to the saloon for some good whiskey swilling time.

The dinosaurs aren’t your only threat out in the wild outback, though, as bandits are constantly circling, looking for something to scavenge. Luckily your sheriff and, after some training, his trusty velociraptor steed are there to lead the townspeople against them.

Dino Frontier is now available for $29.99 on the Playstation Store as a PSVR exclusive.

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