The Last Day Defense Launches on Steam this May

Persistent military conflicts are, well, persistent. What do you do when two superpowers, with unlimited resources, find themselves in a bloody stalemate? Give peace a chance? No way! You send ships back in time and wipe out the ancestors of your enemy. At least, that is the way of things in The Last Day Defense.

With one half of this war now blowing up the past, your side is starting to find that it’s reality is starting to unravel. It is clear that you to must send a crew, equipped with a replicator, back in time to meet the threat head on. As fate would have it, you are one of that ship’s crew.

The Final Day

The Last Day Defense definitely has an interesting backstory going for it. But, that is not all. This tower defense is shooting for a more realistic battlefield. Your towers will be vulnerable to the splash damage and burning effects of special weapons. The terrain will also play a large part in battle strategy, as ground and air forces attack your defenses.

Unlike your future counterparts, your resources are limited. As the agent in charge, it will be up to you to navigate the interactive map and set your defense. If you fail, this could truly be the lad day of your people. You can check out The Last Day of Defense on the Rift, Vive, and WMR headsets.

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