The Payday 2 VR Mode Might Be Coming To Vive This Week

Remember the big hype centered around Starbreeze Studio’s announcement that they’re adding VR support to their popular heisting game, Payday 2? This was a few months ago now, and since then they’ve been eerily quiet. The release date for the beta of the Payday 2 VR mode for HTC Vive was simply stated to be sometime in 2017 – so we really had no idea when to expect it. But now, in a Twitter post, the company might have revealed that the release could actually be this month.

The studio is launching a Payday 2 event this month called Locke and Load, and promises a week full of updates and thieving playfulness centered around the game. The event will be running from this Thursday, October 19th, to October 28th.

To get people excited for the upcoming event, the company shared a tweet that shows different icons for each day (indicating the activity for the day) and invited people to guess what it is. As you can see in the image below, the fourth day on the list shows a VR icon. Which could mean an update on the progress of the VR mode with some new content to show, but I’m willing to bet that it’s more than that. Since the company, along with developer Overkill Software, did announce back in May that they’re planning to release the beta this year.

Up until this point, we only know that the Payday 2 VR mode will be free for anyone who already owns the game and that cross-platform play with those who don’t own a headset will be possible. There’s still no news on whether the game will be adding support for any HMD other than the HTC Vive though.

So the highly-anticipated VR beta mode for Payday 2 could be just around the corner. How’s your upcoming Sunday looking? Hopefully as filled with jewelry-stealing, safe-cracking, and bullet-raining fun as I’m hoping mine will be.

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