Throw Anything Gets a Full Release on Steam

Not all zombie games are created equal. Some have you hunting down the most powerful weapons you can find, some have you serving up cheeseburgers. However, Visual Light’s entry into the zombie genre just wants you to Throw Anything.

Who can blame them? When a horde of zombies start climbing the walls of your apartment building, your choices are limited. Throw Anything you can get your hands on or risk becoming a zombie snack. With a fully destructible environment at your disposal, you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of ammo anytime soon. Don’t worry though, this game does feature some pretty groovy weapons.

In the Name of Science

The evil “Scientist X” is hell bent on world conquest and has unleashed a zombie plague upon humanity. As member of the Secret Delivery Agency, it is up to you to assist the five scientists that can put an end to all this madness. The task won’t be easy, as you will need to collect five pieces of a relic, while dealing with a deluge of undead!

Zombies, relics, throwing things from rooftops? If all of this sounds chaotic and confusing, you’re on the right track. Complete with 6 stages, 5 mini bosses, 6 main bosses, and all the ammo you can toss, this is shaping up to be one wild ride. To kick off their official launch, you can pick up Throw Anything at a 30% discount until August 2nd.

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