Ultron and Venom Announced for Marvel Powers United VR

It is no secret that Rift owners are anxiously awaiting the release of Marvel Powers United VR on July 26th. It is also no secret that Sanzaru Games is doing an exceptional job at maintaining that hype. Yes, every few days we learn about another Marvel hero that we will soon be able to play. However, this time we get to meet two of the villainous bosses that have made it into the game.

Both Ultron and Venom will be front and center, ready to ruin your day, as ingame bosses. They will be joining up with Ronan The Accuser, Loki, and any other supervillains Sanzaru has yet to unveil. Luckily, we have a pretty badass lineup of superheroes that are all set to keep them in check. Black Bolt, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Crystal, Deadpool, The Hulk, and Rocket Raccoon are all known playable characters.

Meet the Villains

While we might not know exactly what each supervillain is capable of, Sanzaru Games did provide us with a little bio for each character.


Ultron used his knowledge gained on Earth as well as the technology sourced from alien races to produce a metal robotic army in his own image. Using subdirectories of his own consciousness, he is able to utilize these units to execute his will and in battle. Numerous, overwhelming, and unflinching, his deadly Ultron Drones have one goal: wipe out all organics!


The creature known as Venom is the convergence of two beings who share a fierce hatred of Spider-Man: disgruntled journalist Eddie Brock, and a spurned alien symbiote. Bonded and fused at the molecular level, Venom possesses incredible new strength and abilities as well as knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity. He is driven by an insatiable hunger to destroy Spider-Man and those who follow him.

With ten more superheroes and eight more villains still to be announced, it is safe to say that Sanzaru will keep the anticipation building. Until then, you can pre-order your copy of Marvel Powers United VR for $39.99, on the Oculus Store.

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