VertexBreakers Teases Futuristic Racing Game V-Racer Hoverbike

We’re sadly still in need of a kickass racing game for PC VR headsets, and up until this point, we haven’t really seen that ultimate VR racer that has everyone saying “this is why I love VR!”. Don’t get me wrong, Redout is great and Neon Seoul: Outrun certainly offers a fun experience. But I haven’t exactly had goosebumps yet.

I’d love to experience the thrill of driving at breakneck speeds across various race tracks while honing my driving skills against other players. Which is what makes the upcoming V-Racer Hoverbike look so promising. The developer behind it, VertexBreakers has released a couple of teaser videos on their Twitter page showcasing some of the gameplay.

V-Racer HoverbikeV-Racer Hoverbike is a fast-paced futuristic racer that places you in the hot seat of a hoverbike and pits you against other riders in what looks like various arena track challenges. The game is set to release ‘sometime soon’ for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with a possibility of later coming to PSVR as well.

Check out the trailer:

Judging from the screenshots and videos we’ve seen so far, V-Racer Hoverbike looks like it will be one of the more polished VR racing games out there and offers exactly what we need – fast, adrenaline pumping ride full of twists and turns. According to the developer, its locomotion system doesn’t induce any motion sickness and the game is easy to get into but hard to master. The hoverbikes can be controlled using various head movements, or by the player leaning to the sides to turn and using the controllers to brake and accelerate.

For now we don’t know much about the game, but the developers have hinted on Reddit that there might be a Tron-inspired mode. V-Racer Hoverbike is currently running an open Beta pending its release on Steam.

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