Waltz of the Wizard

The hidden chamber of secret arts opens its gates for wizards. It’s a new era and a new beginning for magic. From the Cauldron of Aldin Dynamics we present you the Waltz of the Wizard.

A Magical World Awaits

As we start the game it welcomes us with a mysterious gate. Which leads us to a world that unknown to all of us. In this world, there are marvelous possibilities and mysteries and it contains wonders created by imagination and power of will. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to a world that magic exists.

It’s possible to say that I exaggerated a bit but there is more to it. Waltz of the Wizard takes place in a wizard’s tower which is full of interesting materials and magical stuff. As you wonder what you can do with the things around you, it may feel like you are lost, but don’t worry, you have a companion that is quite annoying but also helpful. He is an ancient spirit who lives in a skull. Cool isn’t it? He tries to help you with handling magic but don’t forget you’re the boss around here you do as you please. It’s also possible to say there isn’t enough information for how do we play this game but Waltz of the Wizard is a game that you try to explore the depths of the magic as a curious wizard.

This game creates an ambiance you can’t neglect. Potions Cauldron and other mystic items like gems, books, and other things, you will have an extraordinary experience. As the time passes, you will find yourself interacting with an environment like none have seen before. Using a crossbow or playing some magical instrument which can cause unwanted journeys are just a few examples. It’s possible to say Waltz of the Wizard contains hidden features like other dimensions. This diversity gives you the freedom to do what you want in the way you want. The problem is even though the game sets you free in terms of doing whatever you want, it still restricts you to only one place. You may choose to do different things but in the end, you will face a monotone gameplay after several hours. This means you are free to do anything in a prison designed for a wizard.Waltz of the Wizard Game Review

Waltz of the Wizard Spells

As a wizard, you will naturally want to cast a fireball spell. The good news is yes, you can cast that spell and there will be other spells if you can find them. By using some certain ingredients, you can create spells in your cauldron. Yet there is something that annoys me in Waltz of the Wizard, the scarcity of the spells and ingredients.  Although they created a well thought magic system, it only includes 8 spells and 6 ingredients, which are not enough.

Waltz of the Wizard creates an opportunity for you to feed your inner demon with awesome spells to create chaos. If you want, you can throw devastating fireballs or you can create a great mess with your conductor power which may give you an evil laughter. Casting spells give you the feeling that you’re a powerful wizard that plans to destroy everything standing on his way. Don’t get too much excited because you won’t find anything to fight or destroy other than objects around you.Waltz of the Wizard Love

Story Time

To sum up, it’s obvious that this game will give a good VR gaming experience for a limited time. Waltz of the Wizard doesn’t have a storyline that I can comment on so I think that this part of the review must be short for this time. This game gives us some toys to play with but after that, there is nothing that can draw our attention. Everyone with HTC Vive should experience this game but after that, it’s just like a finished book on your bookshelf. It’s free and it won’t be a waste of time I guarantee.

Official Trailer:

Waltz of the Wizard Official Trailer

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DeveloperAldin Dynamics

PublisherAldin Dynamics

Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation

  • Gameplay: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Sounds: 8
  • Concept: 6
  • Control: 10
The Good
  • Ambiance
  • Interacting with Environment
  • Hidden Features
  • Being Wizard
  • Interesting Abilities
The Bad
  • Need of Adversary
  • Books Do not Open
  • Lack of Story

8.0 Average Score

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