Wilson’s Heart Developers Showcase Action Spy Thriller Defector

Twisted Pixel, the studio behind the dark and moody horror Wilson’s Heart has unveiled their new spy action VR game, Defector. The studio showed off their exciting new title at PAX this year and it’s definitely a homage to classic spy thriller action.

Defector is the latest Oculus Rift exclusive to funded and published by Oculus Studios, who has a penchant for showcasing the best that VR has to offer. And certainly, the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far can attest to a lot of creative and technical talent. Although, the storyline in Defector doesn’t sound all that original. In it you play a spy who has to outmaneuver a global crime syndicate using covert tactics and insane stunts.

While the studio hasn’t stuck with the black and white 40’s aesthetic of Wilson’s Heart, they’re keeping a focus on cinematic presentation with Defector. So it comes across as a typical spy story that takes inspiration from classics such as Mission Impossible. Defector is all about choice, though, and with branching storylines, you can replay the game multiple times to explore all the different paths and optional objectives. Although, no choice has an effect on the ultimate outcome of the story, apparently – you’ll still get to do awesome stuff like ride a car out of a flying airplane if you choose to.

Check out the trailer for Defector:

So while the concept, in general, might not be a new one, it certainly is for VR which has been lacking in eye-catching spy games with action-packed hand-to-hand fight tactics against common henchmen and an arsenal of high-tech gadgets to tinker with. Not to mention the super cool expensive car.

Unlike their previous title, Twisted Pixel has also incorporated smooth locomotion which means you can explore on your own without feeling like you’re in an on-the-rails cinematic tour. Of course, there are those that struggle with motion sickness and therefore the studio has incorporated a lot of game settings like tunneling and adjusting walking speed to let players adjust the game to their own comfort level.

No release date or price point has been announced for Defector yet but the studio has said that they’re aiming for a similar length and quality as Wilson’s Heart, which came in at around 8 hours playtime. It will be interesting to see the studio’s take on what an ultimate spy is, but so far the game sounds very promising with mechanics that only VR can make truly unique. Like getting patted down by a bodyguard where you have to raise your hands above your head while he’s frisking you.

So if you’ve just been biding time till you get your chance at showing James Bond how it’s done, then the wait is luckily almost over.

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