X-Plane 11.20 Patch Adds Native VR Support

VR gamers have yet another opportunity to take to the sky! It won’t be a cartoonish dogfight, however. This time VR gamers get to jump in the massive aviation simulator known as X-Plane 11. The recently released 11.20 patch adds in native support for the Vive, Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

The added VR support opens up access to a truly impressive flight sim, compete with its own living world to explore. You will have access to helicopters, single engine prop planes, jumbo jets, and even a space shuttle. Just don’t try to land it on the Vegas strip.

Feature Packed Flight

X-Plane 11 is definitely not geared towards the casual player. You will need to manage every aspect of your flight. If that isn’t a daunting enough task, you can also control just about every other aspect of the world around you, including the airports themselves.

While the VR and motion controller support are the highlight of the 11.20 update, the developers at Laminar Research didn’t stop there. New aircraft, 1315 new airports, customizable jetways, and graphical improvements also made the cut.

If you’re up to the challenge you can pick up X-Plane 11, with the 11.20 patch, for $59.99 on Steam.

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