XREAL Announces Zero Caliber VR

XREAL, creators of A-Tech Cybernetic, are back at it again with their latest VR endeavor. Zero Caliber, a military style FPS that promises a tactical and immersive Co-Op experience, is set to launch in September 2018.

Set in a dystopian future where drinkable water is worth more than gold, your team is tasked to maintain order. With the collapse of government, and rise of private armies and religious cults, tactics and firepower are all that stand between survival and total chaos When a new cult of rain god worshiping wackadoos start making a bad situation even worse, it’s up to you to bring the piece.

Hyper Realistic Combat System

Story aside, Zero Caliber looks to take on one of the biggest obstacles for tactical FPS games. Making combat feel natural. They are calling it their “Hyper Realistic Combat System”. What that means for you and I is that interactions with our weapons and environment are going to be as true to real life as possible. As much as possible for a video game anyways. Unique reloading for each weapon, grenade tossing, using cover, and clearing obstacles are the order of the day.

Not sold? No worries, a free Demo will be available on Steam starting August 5. This demo will precede the Early Access launch in September. Now that is the kind of faith I like to see a developer have in their product and community. If the trailer holds true, we could soon have a story driven tactical team-based shooter, designed for and worthy of VR, in our greedy virtual hands!

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